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Light Feather

As a young girl, I was able to sense energies, spirits. I had an encounter with higher beings, that confirmed with me, they do exist. Though I tried to deny it throughout my adulthood, it wasn't going away.  I knew I had the gift, just didn't have the right tools yet.  I would have prophetic dreams and Psychica intuition as to what was about to unfold. My mother being intuitive herself, was a good thing. She knew what I was seeing.


It wasn't until the end of my rope that I had a deep calling to use & unfold my gifts, that I said a heart felt conversation 'upstairs' that I was ready. I was ready to meet my Shaman Teacher and do the work & that was the beginning of my Powerful journey.


I have to say Creator  does the work. I am thy instrument.


My Healing is resolved on a cellular and DNA level.

I am Here to assist you in dissolving your Shadows, Pain, Trauma, Blockages, Past Life issues, and Other Matters.

*Intuitive Readings can be done in Person or via Phone.

*Reiki Healing to unlock any discomfort-energy discords.


Walk in the Virtues of Love, Honor, Humility, Compassion & Light....this is Your PARADISE.

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