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Light Feather

---- Are you ready to make leaps and changes in your life?
-Would you like to know what is coming up for you?
-Are you ready to release old patterns that hinder and sabotage your life?
-Release Trauma and shock.
-Blast through whats holding you back from your Financial Prosperity.
-Live a Prosperous, Abundant mindset that propels you forward.
-Releasing Past Life issues that are playing out in a karmic loop.
-Embrace new changes in yourself, self-love, self-worth?
-Release old Relationship patterns that do not support your walk forward.
-Enhance your Spiritual connection with Source/Creator and be in a place of Harmony and Self Trust.
-Physical Ailments, Grieving, Genetic disorders, Fears, phobias, Entity clearing, space clearing, Allergies, chronic pain, Stress, Self-Trust, Trusting your Intuition, Guidance.





-Friends of family


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